Nympora Keplar
Brave, Genius, Insane, Easily Impressed, Hydrophobic

Since the latest reveal of Seasons, and the return of Aliens I couldnt help myself. I just had to make one and Im so in love with her. (so much that she is my new legacy founder) I thought I would share her with you! I hope you like her!

(all cc is included in the zip so you dont have to hunt)

  • Default skin (WEAK Ephemera)
  • Default Eyes (Oh My Tiffany)
  • Hair (Store/Littlecat Retexture)
  • Hair (Peggy FAhair027 Retexture)
  • Vasilla Freckles
  • Confetti Eyeshadow (Lady Frontburn)
  • Elf Blush (Sims3Pack)
  • CottonCandy Lips (Sims3Pack)
  • Shirt (Store)
  • Dress (Store)

Aside from that she needs Pets (For Pants), World Adventures, and LateNight. She is in .sim form.

Download (MediaFire)

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